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Tomoka River Fishing Report by Capt. Nick

The clarity in the Tomoka river is finally clearing up to where the fish can see the bait. Working the outgoing tide fish the drop offs with live shrimp or gold spoons for the reaction bite. Redfish and trout are moving in. Have not had much luck in the flats, I would concentrate on the basin area north of the park. Popping corks and loud shiny spin baits seem to get the most bites.   Capt. Nick
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Lake George Eco Airboat Tours

The Florida wildlife conservation effort is one of he nations most successful. The bald eagle nearly hunted to extinction has fully recovered in the state of Florida. On a 2hr airboat tour we counted 27 bald eagles on the shores of Lake George. It’s exciting to see so many eagles once again in their natural habitat. Capt. Nick
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