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Ponce Inlet & New Smyrna Beach Offshore Fishing Report by Capt. Nick

With the red snapper season being over we can finally have some fishing room on the Atlantic. Red snapper season however short is always a success. We only get 5 days in our area, every single boat that went out limited out in a matter of minutes. They are excellent fighting fish, will pretty much bite anything you give them, in the top 5 for edibility and look great in pictures. I feel they are overpopulated and they need to give us a longer season. Maybe next year. Capt. Nick
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Ponce Inlet Offshore Fishing Report

It’s always shark week out of ponce, especially this season. They can be found just about in any depth of water.   Anywhere from the beach all the way to 300′. Although all sharks on our charters are catch and release only, they are great fighters. They will pull and fight all the way to the boat. Great for pictures and fish stories. 
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Ponce Inlet Offshore Fishing Report by Capt. Nick

Offshore fishing out of Ponce Inlet has been a bit challenging to say the least. Trolling has been slow  so we are mostly bottom fishing. That never seems to disappoint. Red eye snapper, trigger fish, sea bass and of course your classic red snapper have been plenty.  We target trigger fish specifically for their incredible eatability. Capt. Nick Searok Charters
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