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Ponce Inlet Offshore Fishing Report 11-5 to 11-12

Fishing report for 11-5 to 11-12.   Mother nature decided not to let us go offshore this week especially because it was the second weekend of snapper season which we haven’t had in 3 years. Word on the street is the NOAA is going to give us a make up weekend. That has yet to be announced, Lets hope for smooth seas and hungry fish. I recently did an interview with FOX 35 Orlando regarding artificial reefs and how it affects fishing. This week a tugboat will be sunk as part of the artificial reef.   View the story and
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Ponce Inlet Fishing Report: Oct 26th – Nov 2nd

Ponce Inlet fishing report for October 26th to November 2nd Took the Costa del Mar Italian sunglasses frame manufacturing team fishing for some offshore action. We wanted to show them different species of fish available in Florida. Started the day with some bottom fishing at the Party Grounds. Much like last week the bottom fishing was non stop action. We caught trigger fish, red eyes, red snappers, sea bass and sharks. Needless to say they were exhausted from the constant reeling 1/2 way through the day. My mate and I decided to show them how trolling works.. Ran a couple
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Ponce Inlet Offshore Fishing Report

It’s been a month since Hurricane Irma past through Florida. Offshore fishing is still trying to recover. Heading dead east from the inlet the water was still brown for at least 3 miles maybe more. It started clearing and getting green at 75 feet of depth. We ran to the 120 range and the water was clear but still green. Trolling non was non existent. Not even a bite on the planers which are usually our go to rig. We pulled lines and came back to the Party Grounds. We decided to bottom fish hoping our luck would change. Bottom
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