This Saturday I’m leaving for the Abacos, specifically to Green Turtle Cay to deliver supplies to help our Bahamian friends. I will be delivering the heavy items with my boat and Jess will be flying supplies when the runways are clear. If you’d like to donate we set up 2 donation locations in DeLand.

You can drop off at our store:

Downtown Goldsmith & Engraving
139. N. Woodland Blvd.
we will be open Thursday hopefully.

You can also drop off at Skydive DeLand, ask for Tara.

From what I read they need:

Tarps, tools, nails, chainsaws, diapers, non perishable food, water, medical supplies, toilet paper. If you can think of anything else feel free to make suggestions.

For those who asked about donating financially toward our fuel bill for the crossing. From the Palm Beach inlet to Green Turtle Cay is approximately 182 miles. My boat burns a mile per gallon that’s 364 miles round trip give or take for sea conditions. I’m guessing 400 miles on the realistic side.
At $4.00 a gallon each crossing will cost roughly $1600. My boat holds 465 gallons so we will be cutting it close, I was going to set up a go-fund-me but I feel that organization is not all too trust worthy. So if you’d like to help cover some of our fuel costs we set up a Pay-Pal account for our store.

We appreciate any help toward our fuel costs.

Thank you in advance, our friends in the Abacos always go out of their way to make their visitors feel at home and they work hard to make sure we always have a great time. I feel it’s my turn to return their generosity.

If you own a boat that can cross to the Bahamas and you’d like to help bring goods across please PM me on facebook. We’re planning on crossing Saturday morning from Palm Beach at dusk. We will be picking up more supplies in Lantana.